1. How to reach the ICEHT-Conference center

The organizers offer free of charge buses for your transportation.  Every morning, almost 30 min before the beginning of the conference program, there will be two buses following two routes for transferring the participants to the conference center.

  • The first bus from CITY CENTER will depart from Trion Symmachon Square, located in the city center, next to the main train station (please see on the map). The bus will follow the route: CITY CENTER – ICEHT Conference Center and vice versa.
  • The second bus will depart from the Achaia Beach Hotel following the route: Achaia Beach Hotel – Porto Rio Hotel – Castello Hotel – ICEHT-Conference Center and vice versa.


Participants who have booked other hotels in the area of Rio, please inform us, so as to provide you specific information.

2. Social program transportation

    1. Welcome Reception on Sunday 5th of June.  After the first Keynote Speaker presentation, buses will transfer the participants to the ACHAIA CLAUSS WINERY for the welcome reception. At the end of this event the buses will transfer all the participants back to the city center and Rio hotels.
    2. Excursion to Ancient Olympia on Wednesday 8th of June. There will be the two buses: The first one will depart from City Center and the second one will collect the participants from the hotels in Rio area.
  • Gala Dinner on Thursday 9th of June: The Gala dinner will be held in Porto Rio Hotel.  Free of charge buses have been arranged to provide transportation for the participants from the city center and Rio-area hotels to the Porto Rio hotel and vice versa.